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Celtic Jewelry- Always a Good Choice

Celtic jewelry available at the market nowadays is inspired by jewelry making methods and traditions developed and tuned over centuries when the Celtic tribes held sway in places like Scotland and Ireland. Now you can discover not only the most widespread

What is the Most Exciting Find of the 20th Century in the world of gemstones

What is tanzanite? It is one of the most exciting finds of the 20th century! This rare gemstone was discovered by Manuel D'Souza in Tanzania in 1967 with the help of advice to go to a cache of stones by Maasai tribe. At first D'Souza thought he had discovered a rich and new supply of sapphire but tanzanite turned to be another beautiful and rare gem. Of course it doesn't look so impressive at first- it resembles a brown slab of glass. However it becomes a brilliant blue when heated

What is Eco-Fashion

What is eco-fashion? It is a term applying to footwear, clothing and accessories which are either made from recycled products, from cloth from sustainable plant fibers or made with little to no animal products. It may also apply to any items made with organic materials. Eco-fashion is a response to the new focus on protection and conversation and the green movement on the part of the accessories and clothing industries.

What is a Mood Ring

Mood ring is unique and mysterious piece of jewelry that would be a perfect gift for any person who likes jewelry. Jeweler Marvin Wernick accidentally discovered a mood ring in the late 1960s. Encased in a stone made of clear glass or quartz, they contain flat strip thermotropic liquid crystals which are said to change the color depending on the emotional state and the mood of the person wearing this ring.
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