What is Eco-Fashion

What is eco-fashion? It is a term applying to footwear, clothing and accessories which are either made from recycled products, from cloth from sustainable plant fibers or made with little to no animal products. It may also apply to any items made with organic materials. Eco-fashion is a response to the new focus on protection and conversation and the green movement on the part of the accessories and clothing industries.

Since the 1990s there have been companies which have made necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, belts and handbags out of recycled products. Pendants are commonly made from recycled sea glass and glass. Glass jewelry is very popular nowadays and it looks bright and unique. It is also common to use odd pieces of antique silver for making of recycled jewelry. The handles can be reshaped into rings. Recycle tires and license plates are use to make handbags studded with bottle caps.
Eco-fashion also applies to shoes made without leather and clothing made out of synthetic materials which resemble leather. Vegans, vegetarians and people concerned with animal cruelty often choose eco-fashion. Organically hemp, organic cotton and hemp are sustainable fabrics. Organic cotton is grown without using harsh chemicals such as pesticides. The hemp crop can be successfully grown without the use of pesticides and requires less water than cotton. All hemp fabric has to be imported because it is illegal for growing in the US. Hemp fabrics are more expensive than cotton products. Clothing in eco-fashion lines are pricier than similar products made of non-sustainable fabrics.