What is a Mood Ring

Mood ring is unique and mysterious piece of jewelry that would be a perfect gift for any person who likes jewelry. Jeweler Marvin Wernick accidentally discovered a mood ring in the late 1960s. Encased in a stone made of clear glass or quartz, they contain flat strip thermotropic liquid crystals which are said to change the color depending on the emotional state and the mood of the person wearing this ring. This discovery was made when Marvin went on emergency call with his friend, a doctor. The doctor checked the temperature of a boy using a strip of thermotropic material on his forehead and gave the idea for the mood rings to his friend who happened to be a jeweler. Joshua Reynolds was the first who popularized the mood rings in 1975.

Though there is no proven scientific evidence that mood rings display the mood of the person wearing the ring, some people still believe that liquid crystals could do that. But there is a scientific explanation of how mood rings work. The liquid crystal works like a thermometer being heat sensitive. The crystals are calibrated to normal surface body temperature and show the temperatures that are above the norm. And the temperature of the person wearing the ring with liquid crystals is transported through the finger. At every temperature liquid crystals take a different molecular structure and each structure reflects or absorbs different wavelengths responsible for the color change in the rings. So, the color of the ring changes because of the body temperature and not because of the mood.
Average body temperature displays a green/blue or teal color on the ring and here is the list of the colors corresponding the moods starting with the highest temperature:
  • Violet/Purple: happy or passionate;
  • Blue: calm and relaxed;
  • Blue Green/Teal: average day and average body temperature;
  • Yellow/Amber: tense and excited;
  • Brown/Gray: anxious or nervous;
  • Black: depressed or down, really cold outside or a damaged ring;
Mood rings are magnificent gifts for everyone, especially for children.