What is the Most Exciting Find of the 20th Century in the world of gemstones

What is tanzanite? It is one of the most exciting finds of the 20th century! This rare gemstone was discovered by Manuel D'Souza in Tanzania in 1967 with the help of advice to go to a cache of stones by Maasai tribe. At first D'Souza thought he had discovered a rich and new supply of sapphire but tanzanite turned to be another beautiful and rare gem. Of course it doesn't look so impressive at first- it resembles a brown slab of glass. However it becomes a brilliant blue when heated and sometimes even with the shades of purple. Tanzanite with the color of Elizabeth Taylor's eyes is considered the best quality stone.

In the 1970s to the 1980s most of the mines were controlled by Tanzania's government though numerous miners were stealing mine sites. There were even territory fights resulting in bloodshed and as the result tanzanite has garnered unsavory reputation. In the early 70s Tiffany & Company had been the major exporter of tanzanite but it stopped purchasing it later not to support illegal trading in gemstones. By the 1990s Tanzania regained control of most mines and this stone remains a rare gem because of struggle surrounding control of the mines and the initial strife.
The most prized tanzanite is the stone of the deepest blue color. The rarity of this magnificent stone translated to considerable expense. Inclusions in gem reduce the price and the clarity is graded the following way:

  1. I1, 2 and 3 are low quality representations replete with flaws;
  2. SI1-SI2 stands for slightly included gems, where flaws may be noted without magnification;
  3. VS means very few inclusions, which are not visible without magnification;
  4. WS means virtually no inclusions.

WS or VS Tanzanite carat price is about 300$ and of course availability and price of tanzanite vary because its production is unstable.
Tanzanite is the third birthstone for December along with turquoise and blue topaz. So, if you are searching for unique and impressive gift for your loved one, tanzanite jewelry is the best choice! As well as other magnificent gemstone jewelry pieces so loved by women!