Claddagh Rings and their Origin

Claddagh ring originated in Ireland and its special design signifies either romantic love or friendship. This ring comes from the region which was once the fishing village and now it is the city center of Galway City. Claddagh ring originates from some time during the 17th century. There are various stories of its origin and the one says that Richard Joyce, a Galway native who wound up as a slave in Algiers, invented Claddagh ring. He was taught the ways of metal working after he had eventually become the slave of a goldsmith and when he returned to Ireland he created the Claddagh ring. Another story tells us about a woman who was a member of the Joyce clan. She did many good works being very generous with a large inheritance from her husband, helping Galway to prosper. And one day an eagle dropped the ring as a reward and other Claddagh rings were based upon to. One more story is about a nobleman who forged claddagh ring proving his honorable intentions to a woman's father. After the nobleman explained the three virtues which the Claddagh ring symbolized, the father give them his blessing and the couple was married. Than the story spread and other lovers also started using Claddagh rings to signify their commitment.
claddagh rings Nowadays Claddagh rings are widespread throughout the world though their design is fairly simple yet so attractive. A ring with a heart in the center with a crown on its peak held by two hands includes three elements which correspond to the marriage to be happy. The crown represents loyalty, the heart represents love ad the hands represent friendship. Love is loyal and should be held by a strong friendship- that is what the ring says.
Claddagh ring worn on the right hand with the crown facing away from the hand is believed to indicate the wearer to be in serious relationship. if the crown faces towards the hand, the wearer is said to be romantically available. If it is worn on the left hand and the crown faces away from the hand it may mean that the wearer is married and the crown facing towards the hand means an engagement.
So, Claddagh rings are popular as a pledge of romantic attachment and a symbol of friendship nowadays. Gold Claddagh rings are often sold as engagement or even wedding rings and silver Claddagh rings which are less expensive are usually used as friendship rings.