How to Care for Gold Jewelry

Do you like gold jewelry? Do you have a large collection of gold earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings? Or may be you even have gold piercing jewelry? Do you know that gold's luster can fade with time? Do you want your gold jewelry always look like new? Here is some useful information and rules on how to make your gold jewelry shine for a lifetime.

  • To remove light tarnish on gold, clean your jewelry properly using a soft bristle brush and soapy water (some dishwashing liquid and a soft toothbrush will also do). You just dip the toothbrush in water and get the bristles into the crevices. Until the water runs clean, you rinse the jewelry in warm water. And after scrubbing (it should be gentle) you dry the piece with lint-free and soft cloth.
  • Even if you are crazy about your gold ring and bracelet or other gold piece of jewelry, you shouldn't wear them all day long seven days a week. Try to limit the time of exposure. Make-up, lotion, shaving cream, perfume and hairspray are harmful to gold jewelry- they form a dull film covering the gold that will be hard removed.
  • Wearing the jewelry, avoid chlorine. Bleach turn the metal black ruining he gold by oxidizing. You'd better remove gold jewelry before you start doing any housework. If you go to swimming pool, take your gold jewelry off- prolonged exposure to chlorine can turn your jewelry black.
  • You should also properly store your gold jewelry. To decrease likelihood of damage, dry the jewelry before you put it for storage as moisture can weaken clasps and springs. If your jewelry box doesn't have separators, wrap each piece of your jewelry in tissue paper and than in small pouches or bags.