How to Choose the Rings for Your Hand Shape

What you should consider buying rings? It's the shape of your fingers and the size of your hand. Different sizes and shapes of stones look better on different hand shapes. You'll pick the most flattering ring for you using the guidelines below. Persons with short and large fingers are likely to look best in different styles of rings. Nail length and shape as well as the width of the fingers can make difference. You should also think of the ring style you love and the proportion of the fit. While shopping try on different sizes and shapes of rings to discover the most flattering ring for you.
If you have short fingers- to add the illusion of length choose the marquise shape and avoid round stones. Teardrop and pear shapes are also flattering and big rectangular rings are the least flattering.
If you have long fingers- round rings are the most flattering for this finger type. Marquise shapes are not the best choice as well as oval and pear stones.
If you have narrow fingers- to add horizontal lines to narrow fingers to help them look wider try thicker band styles of rings. Rings with small stones make thinner fingers look wider. Roundv and heart-shaped stones are not the most flattering for narrow fingers.
If you have wide fingers- round stones in larger settings look best on wide fingers. And wider types of marquise styles flatter wide, short fingers. And the best choice for wide fingers is cluster-style.
If you have small hands- oval, square, round and small heart-shaped stones are the best choice for this type of fingers. The marquise style is good for long fingers and small ovals make flattering rings for people with small hands. Keep the proportion of the ring.
If you have large hands- try larger ringsv with middle-sized and large stones. Chunky and bulky ring styles are good for large hands.