Signet Rings

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Signet ring is a piece of jewelry usually engraved with the initials of the wearer or other personalized designs. Fashionable but blank bands may be ornate, with Egyptian or Celtic influences. Signet rings are also those which have initials on a flat bezel. Nowadays signet rings are largely ornamental and have personal initials while antique rings have intricate coat of arms. Signet rings were worn by wealthy citizens, religious leaders and politicians as a form of official signature. Signet rings are also called seal rings because historically decrees and documents were often sealed with soft clay or wax to prevent tempering and allowing the bearers of such rings to press distinctive seals into material. Modern signet rings aren't used as official signatures and therefore the engravings are not of mirror style. Because of their scarcity the antique signet rings are highly collectible. Upon the deaths of Popes their official signet rings would be ceremonially destroyed. You can find surviving signet rings of politicians and other notable personalities under strict lock or in museum collections. Nowadays you can order signet rings through retail jewelry stores, online shopping or catalogs. First you select a blank band and then the various script lettering and fonts. Custom designs are generated from detailed drawings or photographs which the customer provides.

signet rings