Jewelry Shopping Advice

Jewelry is necessary part of dressing up and choosing jewelry shouldn't differ from choosing the wardrobe. Consider your personal fashion style and the comfort zone to choose the jewelry wearing which you'll look great and feel good. Your jewelry should match your outfit. An elegant sterling silver ring and matching dangling silver earrings, for example, are those "magic" details bringing finishing touch to your look.

costume jewelry
If you are going shopping for jewelry, you have to decide what you want it to do. It's important to choose jewelry depending on its purpose- should it subtle or should it compliment. Decide!
Buying jewelry and deciding on the price, we should take into consideration the following things: how often we are going to wear this jewelry and how long do we need it to last. It has no sense to buy expensive diamond unique design large brooch just for one special occasion and the dress you will never wear again.
If you are searching for the jewelry for special even or occasion, make sure your choice is appropriate. For example, large modern design onyx earrings may be great for party or club but not for the office meeting.
Decide on your budget. You may plan to spend one definite sum of money but when you see the jewelry of your dream you may forget about it. Don't add more than 1/3 of the planned sum to the purchase. And always look for alternatives. Have you seen a magnificent white gold set of diamond earrings and necklace? Consider silver CZ jewelry that looks great and nobody (except the jewelry experts) will tell your CZ from real diamonds.
If you are shopping for the ring, consider the size and shape of your fingers and nails. For example, if you have long and rather thick fingers, oversized ring will look great and exquisite on you.
Shopping for the necklace, decide on its size beforehand. For example, if you have an average neck, 16" necklace will be great. Chokers look good on long necks. Colored necklaces should compliment your skin tone.
Shopping for bracelets, it's important to decide how noticeable you want your bracelet to be and where you plan to wear it. The size of bracelet is important. It shouldn't be too small as well as too large to look sloppy or slide off. If you wear watch, consider dainty bracelet.
There are many pieces of advice on buying earrings, and one of the most important is that you will look larger with tiny earrings and look smaller with larger earrings.
Sterling silver jewelry is the best choice if you want to make a large jewelry collection. Silver jewelry can be noticeable and large, delicate and dainty and it is acceptable for any occasion and event.
If you like gold jewelry but don't want to spend much money on it, consider gold plated jewelry.
To save your money and have multiple jewelry sets perfectly matching various outlooks, consider inexpensive costume jewelry.
And don't forget to love your jewelry, store it properly and clean if necessary.